Robotics Innovatory Institute will hold “Robot Opening Day” 2019.05.14
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SKKU Robotics Innovatory Institute (Professor Hyukryeol CHOI) will hold the second “Robot Opening Day” in part ofthe international joint research with RoMeLa research institute (Professor Dennis HONG) on May 17th at the auditorium in the School of Medicine.

Robot Opening Day is an event to help residents of Gyeonggi-Do understand robotics. Gyeonggi-Do is currently conducting an international joint research project on intelligent robots to implement it in the futuristic “zero city”. 


The director of this program Prof Hyukryeol CHOI is the president of KROS (Korea Robotics Society) and also a fellow member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).


Prof CHOI has gained recognition in the world by winning numerous awards in the field of robotics. He will be presenting on the topic “robotics technology needed for future city (Pangyo Zero City)”.

[Diagram 2] Special lecture by Prof Dennis HONG

Special guest for this event is Prof Dennis HONG who is a well-known researcher in the field of robotics. He is a professor at UCLA and has been chosen as one of “10 Young Genius Scientists” by Popular Science magazine. He presented on TED in 2011 about vehicles for the visually impaired. Prof HONG will be presenting on “Do Robots Need to Look Like Human?” in this event.

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