Prof. Taeyoung PAIK elected as 39th president of Korean Accounting Association 2019.06.10
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Professor Taeyoung PAIK (School of Business) was elected as the 39th president of Korean Accounting Association. His presidency will start July 2020 and end at June 2021.

Professor PAIK graduated from the Dept. of Economics at Seoul National University and received PhD in Accounting at U.C.Berkeley. He was a professor in the Dept. of Accounting at New York University and is currently a professor at SKKU.

Professor PAIK was appointed as a director/president of various association related to accounting.

Professor PAIK expressed, “I will strengthen research-industry collaboration to improve transparency and responsibility of accounting, and expand efficient education of accounting in our society.”

The Korean Accounting Association was established in 1973 to develop research and education of accounting studies in Korea. It has become the largest accounting association in Korea.

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