University and companies collaborate for the future AI technology 2019.10.01
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SKKU institute of human resources education is running an AI talent education program with major companies in Korea in the area of IT (Samsung SDS), manufacturing (LG Electronics) and finance (KB Finance). The program is held in both campuses.

The institute of human resources education hosted various education programs related to the AI and big data for companies. It has accumulated experiences and know-hows to run these programs. It has established an education lab at the research and business cooperation center with the cutting edge computers and GPU server. It provides a learner-friendly curriculum by matching a graduate level teaching assistants in the program.

The program is consisted of theory-centered course and a hands-on experience course. For example, there will be a 3-week long course on AI-Smart Factory education and 2-week long project course that tackles the real-life issues in the field. 

The institute is preparing for the “SKKU 4S Certificate Programs” in response to the rising demand for AI and big data education from major companies. Its SKKU Certificate program is built on the foundation of top MBA curriculum (ranked 42nd place in the world by Financial Times in 2019).

President Dong Ryeol SHIN said, “Data science such as AI and big data has become essential part of the society and companies. Our objective is to become an entrepreneurial university and educate the most innovative contents for the cutting edge industries.”

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