Administrative Offices

Student Affairs Division

  • Establishment and implementation of general work plans for student affairs
Student Affairs Division

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team is responsible for the management of scholarships, establishment of scholarship management plans, student council, clubs and student activity support, management of social services, issuance of student ID cards and overall management and implementation of the general student affairs plan.

Major Responsibilities and Functions

  • Management of division director’s official seal
  • Management of scholarships and establishment of scholarship management plans
  • Approval of installation of scholarship funds, scholarship projects, invitation of non-university scholarships
  • Establishment and implementation of basic student welfare plans
  • Operation and management of student welfare facilities
  • Provision of support for and management of student council and club activities
  • Establishment and management of student activity support/guidance policies
  • Works related to the management of ‘personality quality ’(social volunteer services)
  • Issuance of student ID cards, work related to military duty
    (management of natural sciences graduate student technical research personnel)
  • Work related to female student support
  • Work related to operations of dormitories, marine dormitory and ROTC CONTACT(HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES CAMPUS) CONTACT(NATURAL SCIENCES CAMPUS ) HOMEPAGE
  • Content Manager