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[Hiring/Recruitment] Application for 2022 Fall semester Tutoring as 'Tutor' and 'Tutee' 최종 수정일 : 2022.09.13
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Foreign students who wants to study together for this semester, gather up!

- "TUTOR (foreign student/Korean student)" who wants to get volunteer time and make friends

- "TUTEE (International Student)" who wants to get good grades in his major

◈ What is tutoring for foreign students?

It is a program to strengthen major learning ability that matches and supports international students with tutor (foreign students, Korean students) who have received A or higher grades in each major so that students who want to receive help in their major can do group learning.

◈ Application method

1) Subjects to be applied: Major courses opened this semester

- TUTOR Requirement: Subjects with A or higher grade among courses(courses of your major) opened this semester (both foreigners and Koreans can apply)
                Application Link: https://forms.gle/BeaYqJkUcDNbsj9k8

- TUTEE Requirement: Apply for the subjects among the courses(courses of your major) opened this semester (undergraduate foreign student ONLY)
               Application Link: https://forms.gle/ae9zLffuHSDfrYeL9

※ Students can apply for more than two subjects, and in this case, you must fill out each application form for each tutoring subjects. 

2) Application qualifications and links

- Tutor: Foreign students and Korean students in the bachelor's course with A or higher in the major course 
- Tutty: Foreign Students Taking Major Subjects This Semester

3) Recruitment period: September 13, 2022 (Tue) to September 18, 2022 (Sun)

4) Selection announcement: September 21, 2022 ( Please check the announcement page of the website of the foreign student support team)

◈ Activity period

- September 22nd (Thursday) to December 2nd (Friday) 2022

◈ Activity standard

- 8 times + writing activity report every time 
- Total activity time has to be more than 8 hours.

◈ Benefits of completion

1) Activity support fund: KRW 5,000 per person (tutor and tutor attendance) for every tutoring. 

2) For TUTOR
- Tutoring hour will be recognized as school volunteer hours (인성품)
- Part-time job fee will be paid if personality service hours(봉사시간) are not selected (tutoring time x 20,000 won)

◈ Precautions

1) If it violates the application qualification, it may be canceled.

2) The tutor must attend the OT of the OISS(Office of international student Services) before the tutoring activity.  (※ We will inform the tutor personally about OT)

3) The tutoring subjects(courses) will be chosen by whether or not to apply for tutoring, and the difficulty of the class.

4) The best tutor has an International Team Minister's Award.

[Inquiry] Office of International Student Services ☎ 02-760-0021

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