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[General] Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund 최종 수정일 : 2023.02.10
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Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund

Please donate to our crisis response for those in Türkiye and Syria

Host Committee: World Vision

Event: Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Response

Name of Organization: SKKU Student Council Donation

SKKU Student Council is expected to announce its donation list and its details after the closing of the relief fund.

The name of the donator and the donation amount will be listed.

*If a student would like to donate anonymously or be under a group name, please modify the name of the donator.

*In an inevitable circumstance such as the closing of the relief fund resulting in the change of the Host Committee, SKKU Student Council make an announcement through its communication board.

Relief Fund Information:

Bank Account Number: 우리 1002-863-850311 Jin-Yoo Lee (SKKU Student Council)

Closing Period: until 23:59 on 2/12 (Sun)

The 55th SKKU Student Council

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