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[Events] Accumulate book loan mileage and convert to virtual currency (PCI)! 최종 수정일 : 2022.03.18
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Accumulate book loan mileage and convert to virtual currency (PCI)!

You can earn reading mileage at the Academic Information Center and convert it to virtual currency.
1. Target
 ▷ Sungkyunkwan University students and staff

2. Earn mileage
 ▷ Accumulated reading activities: borrowing books
 ▷ Accumulated mileage: Up to 5 mileage per month
 ▷ You can check the accumulated mileage at Log in to Academic Information Center > My Library > My Mileage. (Available on the Academic Information Center website and APP)
    ※ Book loan mileage can be accumulated and used until February 28, 2023.
3. PCI Transition
 ▷ Accumulated mileage can be converted to PCI (virtual currency) and used. (Writing for conversion application is required!)
    ※ PCI (Paycoin) is a virtual currency that can be used in real life.
  ▷ 1 Mileage → 1 PCI (Conversion rate is subject to change.)
  ▷ Switchable PCI: Max. 5 PCI per month (Max. 30 PCI per year)
  ▷ PCI lump sum payment 3 weeks after conversion application
 ▷ How to apply for PCI conversion
    - Web : Log in to Academic Information Center > My Library > Apply for mileage conversion > Write a post
    - APP: Log in to the Academic Information Center APP > Menu (☰) at the top right > Apply for PCI conversion > Write a post
 ▷ Application details: Write conversion application mileage (or PCI), mobile phone number (Paycoin APP subscription number)
   ※ Please be sure to write the PCI conversion application in a confidential message.
  ▶ Depending on the total payment and the applied PCI, the PCI conversion payment may be limited and the mileage conversion rate may change.
  ▶ PCI payment may be restricted if mileage is accumulated through unreasonable methods (recurring loans, etc.).
  ▶ For PCI payment, you need to install Paycoin APP and register as a member. (Payment is not available for non-members)

4. Utilize 200% of Paycoin
 ▷ When you sign up for PayCoin, enter SKKU and receive 5,000 won! (Joining Reward Code: SKKU)
  ▷ Where to use Paycoin on campus
    - Offline affiliated stores: Bit Coffee, GS25, Academic Information Center
     - Online Merchant: Domino's Pizza (Order available on website or App)
  ▷ Suburban PayCoin usage (You can check the online/offline affiliated stores in the PayCoin App and other affiliated stores at the bottom of More)
     - 5 major convenience stores: GS25 / CU / 7-Eleven / E-Mart 24 / Ministop
    - Cafe, F&B : Ediya Coffee / Holly's Coffee / Selecto Coffee / DALKOM Coffee
    - Fast food, etc.: Burger King / KFC / Domino's Pizza / Pizza Albolo / BBQ / Mexicana, etc.
    - Culture, Leisure: Kyobo Bookstore / Hot Tracks, etc.
  ▷ Paycoin APP Download
   - Android
    - Apple
    - When SKKU is entered in the reward code field during initial installation and membership registration, 5,000 won worth of PayCoin (PCI) is immediately paid!

문의 : ohnimpark@skku.edu / 031-299-4022
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