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[Academics] International Summer Semester Course registration (1st Round) 최종 수정일 : 2022.04.27
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The international summer semester will be held at the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus from June 27 to July 19 this year.

We ask for the participation many international students, as all courses will be offered in English by faculty from abroad and in SKKU.

○ Program period: 2022. 6. 27 (Mon) ~ 7. 19 (Tue) / Mon-Fri class
                         * There are no classes on July 1 (Fri) and July 8 (Fri).

○ Course Hours: 09:00~11:45 / 13:00~15:45 PM

○ Eligibility: Students enrolled in our regular degree program and students on leave of absence

○ Application period: [1st] 2022. 4. 25 (Mon) 10:00 ~ 5. 6 (Fri) 17:00
                            [2nd] 2022. 5. 23 (Mon) 10:00 ~ 6. 3 (Fri) 17:00
* During the application period, daily application hours are from 10:00 to 23:00, but please note that the last day of application closes at 17:00.

○ Tuition: KRW 450,000 per subject (Payment deadline: same as the deadline for application)

○ Course registration method: GLS> Class area> Undergraduate course registration> ISS/WISE
* Please check whether if the course is considered 'major' course by your major on the GLS system.
 - If your major is written under the course, it will be considered as a major course.
** After registering for courses, you must complete the payment of tuition through GLS.
*** If tuition is not paid within the course registration deadline, course registration details will be deleted.

○ Course Syllabus:

○ Course cancellation and tuition refund: Click the Refund button on the application screen
* A full refund is possible through the “Refund” button on the application screen only within the announced course registration period.
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