Student Success Story

Researches on Asymmetric Synthesis, Inorganic Materials, Heterogeneous and Homogenous Organic Catalyst Fusion Study

Prof. Ji Woong LEE, University of Copenhagen

Prof. Ji Woong LEE, a full-time professor at the Department of Chemistry at Copenhagen University in Denmark, was appointed in 2016. He was greatly impressed and immersed in organic chemistry after meeting with Prof. Chung Eui SONG. As an undergraduate research student, he worked in the laboratory of Prof. SONG and decided to work for chemistry and organic chemistry field.

Prof. LEE studied asymmetric synthesis, organic catalysis reaction, and heterogeneous catalysis reaction based on organic chemistry for master’s degree, and he had researches on nano-chemistry, inorganic materials, metal-organic framework (MOF) while pursuing his doctorate degree. At the University of Copenhagen, he is working on various researches including asymmetric synthesis using carbon dioxide, inorganic materials, fusion of heterogeneous catalysts with homogeneous organic catalysts, desalination, fluorination, and water-splitting reactions, etc. Although the topics may vary, they will all be designed and applied with a variety of new organic reactions with an emphasis on catalytic reactions.

He was able to continue his research at the University of Copenhagen because the Nordic countries, including Denmark, were interested in eco-friendly, bio-tech related technologies. He said the university appointed him by highly recognizing his various experiences in many countries, as well as his research proposal which was different from the research he had conducted during doctorate program. Prof. LEE currently teaches Physical Organic Chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, and Laboratory course at the Department of Chemistry.

He has plans to cooperate with SKKU. “"I have been working on a research-related activity with Prof. SONG even after my graduation, and by learning SKKU’s high research capacity, I would like to become a bridge between SKKU and the University of Copenhagen,” said Prof. SONG.

As a professor, his dream is to do researches that can give great impact to chemical industry and society. His goal is to continue to lead world-class researches while making creative and passionate research groups.