Student Success Story

A Research on "Message Strategy" to improve CSR

Prof. Gain PARK, New Mexico State University

Dr. Gain Park was appointed as an assistant professor at New Mexico State University (US) after finishing her doctorate degree in Journalism last February (Academic Advisor: Prof Hyun Soon PARK). What is notable is that she was appointed as a professor immediately after receiving her doctorate degree. Being appointed at a foreign university right after finishing a degree at SKKU is very rare.

Prof Gain PARK said that her experience as an intern during her undergraduate program led her to choose Communications studies as her major. She became interested in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities after participating in a marketing program hosted by a social enterprise. She chose to study Communications thinking that communication is at the core of these activities. Prof Gain PARK chose the course on “Public Health Communication” as her most memorable course she took in her major. Her current research on improving the effects of CSR activities derived from the course.

The “Public Health Communication” was a course that enabled her to approach “kind communication” in the academic environment. She was able to study the basics and new trends of the Public Relations in depth. On the basis of these experiences, Prof Gain PARK is now studying “message strategy” that can improve the effects of CSR activities. She expressed that her objective is to suggest a method of communication that can satisfy the needs of the corporation, consumers and the society with a focus on the topic of nation-centrism and the psychological distance that the consumers feel toward the MNCs (multi-national corporations).

Prof Gain PARK applied for the professorship after seeing the announcement on the website of AEJMC (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication). She first hadan online interview with the professors of the Employment Committee and later she visited the campus on January for a demonstrative lecture. She received an official offer after two weeks and moved on to the procedure of appointment. She will be teaching two courses: Introduction to Public Relations and PR in Sports and Entertainment (Social Media) in the upcoming August. She will teach an additional course called “Media Writing” in the spring term. 

More than 50% of New Mexico State University’s population is composed of Hispanics. Prof Gain PARK said, “My goal is to help out many students to pursue their dream regardless of their racial backgrounds.”

“I would like to help out Hispanic students who are considered as a minority in the PR industry by helping them join HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities) and many academic societies. I will also encourage cultural exchanges and joint research opportunities with Korea for the students of NMSU who lack experience of the Korean culture.”

Prof Gain PARK said, “I received many support from my seniors, professors and academic advisor Prof Hyun Soon PARK when preparing for the professorship.” Prof Hyun Soon PARK was an important mentor who guided through her preparation for the professorship. Prof Gain PARK was able to prepare for the demands of the American universities and students thanks to the advice of Prof Hyun Soon PARK. Prof Myungok LIM, who became a professor at Loyola University Chicago after receiving a doctorate degree in Public Relations also gave her many precious advices. Prof Gain PARK was able to be appointed as a professor immediately thanks to the help of many senior scholars.

Her experiences in the international academies was also another factor in her appointment. This was also an achievement made with the help of many. She was able to participate in international academies during her graduate program thanks to the BK21 and BK21 Plus programs. She pointed that her experience in the international conferences helped her improve her skills in presentation and debates.

Prof Gain PARK said, “It was only possible with the help of many professors and seniors. I will do my best to live up to their expectations.”