College Affiliated Research Unit

College Affiliated Research Unit
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College of Confucian Studies & Eastern Philosophy - Sungkyun Institute for Confucian Studies and East Asian Philosophy




한국철학문화연구소 02-760-0215

College of Liberal Arts -Institute of Humanities 02-760-0307


Center for Francophone Studies / Centre d'Etudes Francophones 02-760-0833

Institute for Knowledge and Information Management 02-760-1284

Institute for Hybrid Future Culture 02-760-1961

Center for East Asian History 02-760-0738

Center for Cross Culture Studies 02-760-0274

Korean Studies Institute 02-760-0233


Institute for Critical Thinking and Culture 02-760-0316

Institute of Russian Culture

German Society and Culture Institute

Institute of Chinese Culture

Research Center of British and American Culture 02-760-0250

Sungkyunkwan Institute of Japanese Studies 02-760-1093

College of Law


Institute of Legal Studies 02-760-1288

Science & Technology Law Institute 02-760-0767

Institute of East Asian Law & Politics (IEALP-SKKU)

College of Social Sciences 02-760-1282

Institute of Applied Psychology 02-760-1280

Media, Culture and Contents Research Center 02-760-0391

Global e-Policy e-Government Institute 02-760-1327

Center of Leadership & Public Management 02-760-0373

Institute for Social Welfare Studies 02-760-0639

Sustainable Urban Development Institute 02-760-1326

Policy Evaluation Research Institution 02-760-0676

Research Institute for Human Life Sciences 02-760-0522

Governance Research Center 02-760-0375

Research Center for Better Democracy 02-760-0386

Human Rights and Development Center 02-760-0445

Policy Evaluation Research Institution 02-760-0676

SKKU Gifted Education Center

The East Asia Collaboration Center(EACC)

Sungkyun Institute for Global Strategy (SIGS)


Research Center for Creativity and Convergence

College of Economics

Economic Research Institute 02-760-1286

Institute of International Trade 02-760-1283

Research Institute of Applied Statistics 02-760-1295

School of Business

Institute of Management Research 02-760-1273

College of Education - 교육연구원 02-760-0996

Private Tutoring Innovation Education and Research Center 02-760-0544

Traumatic Stress Center 02-760-0558

Sungkyun EduTech Research Institute (SETRI)

Education and Future Institute

School of Art

Design Science Institute 02-760-0657

Trans Media Institute 02-760-0669

University College

Institute of General Education 02-740-1581

College of Science 031-290-5262

Institute of Basic Science 031-290-5262

Creative Research Institute 031-290-5935

Creative Research Institute for Quantum Materials and Superconductivity 031-299-4941

Nano/Bio Fusion Technology Research Center 031-299-4568





Convergence Research Center for Energy and Environmental Sciences

Research Institute of Smart Chemical Materials

College of Information and Communication Engineering 031-290-7141

Institute Of Information & Communications Technology 031-290-5261

Industrial Electronics Application Center 031-299-5267

Cooperative Wireless Communications Research Center 031-299-4674

Game Technology Center 031-290-5411

Center for Power IT 031-290-4630

Green Car Electro-Technology Center 031-290-7177

Intelligent Systems Research Center 031-290-6471

IT Acceleration Engineering Research Center 031-299-4666

Analog/RF Circuit and System Research Center, ARRC 031-290-7136

AI-Digital Health Care Research Center

Research center for clean energy ICT

Clean Air Research Center

Super Sapiens Research Institute

College of Computing and Informatics 031-290-7141


Interaction Science Research Center

College of Engineering 031-290-7396

Polymer Technology Institute 031-290-5271

Research Center for Advanced Materials Technology 031-299-4121

Institute of Advanced Machinery and Technology 031-290-7430

Construction and Environmental Research Center 031-290-4125

Zero Emission Center 031-299-6691

Center for Quality and Innovation 031-290-5945

Robotics Engineering Research Center 031-299-4680

Smart Green City Lab 031-290-7575

Interface Research Center 031-299-4122

Korean Chemical Research Institute – SKKU Joint Research Center 031-290-7319

SungKyun Architecture Institute 02-760-0827

Safety and Structural Integrity Research Center 031-290-5275

Advanced Materials and Process Research Center for IT 031-290-5648

Smart Future Appliances Research Center 031-290-7430

Bio/Nano- Fusion Material Research Center 031-290-4075

Creative Design Institute 031-290-6581

Micro Electronic Packaging Research Center 031-290-4332


Smart Convergence Design Institute 031-299-6870

Research Institute For Ultra-Small Device Manufacturing Technology

Macromolecular Future Materials Research Center 031-299-4151

Energy Frontier Laboratory

Center for Next-Generation Energy Materials

Institute of Convergent Chemical Engineering and Technology

Self-healing Green Concrete Research Center 031-299-4780

KIST-SKKU Carbon-Neurtal Research Center

School of Pharmacy 031-290-7714


Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences 031-290-5268

Epigenome Dynamics Control Research Center 031-290-7743

Drug Delivery Technologies Research Center 031-290-4282

College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering 031-290-7880

Biocosmetics Research Center 031-290-7880

Antibody Engineering Research Center

Antibody Engineering Research Center

Clinical Nutrition Research Center

Food Flavor Sensory Research Center

BioFoundry Research Center

B-ICT Research Center

College of Sport Science

Research Institute for Physical Fitness and Sport Science 031-299-6936

College of Medicine 02-3410-2511


Institute for Antimicrobial Resistance research and Therapeutics(IAMRT) 031-299-6152

Single Cell Network Research Center 031-299-6420

Future Health Care Center

Medical Nutrition Research center

SKKU Institute for Convergence 02-3410-2511

Institute of Confucian Art & Cultural Contents 02-760-0609

Center for Nanotubes and Nanostructured Composites 031-299-6502

Institute of New Paradigm of Energy Science Convergence 031-299-4271

Innovative Electride Material Center 031-299-6510

Nature Inspired Materials Processing Research Center

Artificial atom and quantum materials Center 031-299-4258

Intelligent Precision Healthcare Reseach Center

Graduate School of China 02-3410-2511

Korea-China Digital Business Institute 02-760-1292

SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology








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