[학사] Notice on Electronic Attendance System 2018.09.14
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※ Some classrooms with the electronic attendance device were changed.
- Life Science and Tech(62)   62352, 62353, 62354 → 62306, 62351, 62355

The Electronic Attendance System is to be used from second semester of 2018.

The system has been tested through seven classrooms last semester, and now it is installed and on operation in total 101 classrooms. 

1. Classrooms with Electronic Attendance System: See attached manual file
- In common: Students can check their attendance status for all classes they’re taking (only when the professor uses Smart Attendance System)

- Classrooms with the Electronic Attendance System: Students can mark as present with Student ID card or Mobile Application; Attendance will be automatically marked in system. 

- Classrooms without the Electronic Attendance System: Students CANNOT mark with Student ID card or Mobile Application

*Students should make sure of how professors check students’ attendance for each classes, as attendance method can differ by professors regardless of the Electronic Attendance System.

2. How to install and enter the system	
 1) Mobile Application: Search “SungKyunKwan University Electronic Attendance” in Google Playstore/App store and download the application. -> Log in with Kingo ID

 2) PC: Enter http://attend.skku.edu  -> Log in with Kingo ID

3. How to use the system: See attached manual file.

4. Notice
 - You must install the application prior to using the Electronic Attendance System
 - A method of requesting for Attendance Status Change is now to be approved online. Please check out the additional notice that will be made later on.
- If any false attendance using the Electronic Attendance System is detected, a penalty might be imposed on your grade. 
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