Research & Business Foundation and K&C Battery Materials signed a MOU 2020.06.25
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Research & Business Foundation and K&C Battery Materials signed a MOU

- Cooperative Research and Development, building collaborative relationship through sharing information and exchanging human resources

The Research & Business Foundation (President, Hyun Seung Choo) and the K&C Battery Materials Inc. (CEO, Sung Beom Heo) announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding on industry-academy cooperation for transferring technology related electrolyte and electrode material of lithium-ion battery, and performing joint research on June 24 (Wed).

Hyun Seong Choo (President of the Research & Business Foundation), Dong Mok Hwang (Professor of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering), and Sung Beon Heo (Ceo of the K&C Battery Materials Inc. attended the ceremony.

With this agreement, the two organizations will conduct transferring and jointly developing technologies for next generation’s high-energy density cathode materials and solid electrolyte materials, fostering professionals, and establishing an infrastructure for the joint research. They are also planning to become leading organizations in the battery material industry.

President Choo said, “I expect that this agreement will not only promote research of new battery materials but also serve as a good example of university-industry cooperation.

Sung Beom Heo, the CEO of K&C Battery Materials (located in Canada), also said, “We will continue to interact with SKKU, which has the best technology in the field of battery materials, to produce innovative research results. And we will inform the Canadian market the excellence and dynamism of Korean battery materials through this agreement.”

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