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Humanities and Social Science Campus Shuttle Bus
Humanities and Social Sciences – Natural Sciences Campus Shuttle Bus

2020년 2학기 Shuttle Bus Notice

[HSSC-NSC shttule]
* Only Friday, HSSC 07:00 bus will depart on 08:00. (07:00 depart on other days)
* HSSC-NSC shttule will be operated 7 times per 1 day(Weekday Only in semester, Aug 31(Mon)~12/18(Fri))
* HSSC 16:25 shuttle will be rescheduled to 16:30(From 2020-2nd semester)

[HSSC shuttle]
* HSSC shuttle service resume on August 31. Operating hours are changed to prevent COVID-19 (Operating hours: weekday/saturday 07:00~19:00)

* All passengers should follow the quarantine rules to prevent COVID-19(Body temperature check, Keeping distance, Using mask & hand sanitizers, Writing boarding list)
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